Ever wished you had access to the
cabinets of other teachers in your school? 

Consider it done!  This site is a collection of all the activities and ideas I've collected over the past five years, available for your use.

This site is totally free to use, and I'll keep it that way.  I have various amazon.com ads throughout the site for items, but it's not about making money.  I had pictures of the items there anyhow, and this will take you directly to a page where you can buy it. 

I've also created an on-line store where you can find thousands of used classroom materials for up to 90% off retail-all banner ads will take you directly to Sprout Classrooms for browsing!!

All PDFs were either created by me or obtained through teacher magazines, sites that allow free downloads for teachers and classrooms, or admired teacher whose ideas are given full credit.  I have tried to prevent the problem of 'dead links' by pasting website information in word documents for perusal with the link at the top.  This way if the original site is ever taken down, we have preserved the information for all-time.

Check back weekly for new additions and updates, and please feel free to contribute your own great ideas-this is a place for us to share, borrow and admire all those great ideas floating around out there!  Many, many more ideas will be added daily.

"Knowing is not enough.  We must apply." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

My teaching philosophy, in a nutshell, is
to model, encourage and develop enthusiastic attitudes towards learning.  Sit down, write down what is important to you as teacher and then use these resources to help you apply that philosophy to the classroom!