Classroom Themes

One of my favorite things about teaching is the ability to create theme units.  Some themes can be carried throughout the year, or applied to open houses, first week of school, etc.  Take a look and send in any ideas you may have.  Once a seed is planted, it's easy to grow an amazing amount of ideas from it!

Looking for great decorations at great prices?  Check out's classroom decorations.  New items are added all the time!

Rubber Ducky Holiday Theme-Here's a small theme that I'm going to carry throughout the year.  Oriental Trading company has small rubber duckies for every holiday possible.  Each holiday, I'm going to get my students a rubber duck that goes with it.  I think I'll have a bulletin board in the classroom that says 'We're Quackers for _____', with the holiday(s) for that month listed.  Then a brief background on the holiday will be given, with some artifacts or art further illustrating it.  Maybe even with rubber ducks acting out a scene from the holiday celebration.   I'll post clip art and pictures here once I've done an example.

To purchase holiday rubber duckies, check out American Ducky.  Delila, the owner, does custom orders, so you can get a set for as many students as you have (that eliminates buying a whole 'nother dozen for that 25th student).  Tell her RCI sent you-I'm just curious if she'll see a jump in her sales from us (I love helping others out!!)

There are also tons of ducks posted below from Amazon.  Besides holiday ducks, there are hilarious sets like 'Mad Scientist' ducks (perfect for science fair), and some rubber ducky 'wallpaper'.  I'm going to get the wallpaper and put it on my board, and then put holiday clothes on the ducks each month.  I thought I was going to have to draw them myself, but for $2, that's a steal.  Click the links for larger pictures.