Hollywood Theme

I'm going to use these ideas at the end of the year-we will be filming our activities throughout the school year, and then have a huge premiere night where parents will be invited to view the finished piece.  Students and parents will be encouraged to dress up in their red carpet best, and we will have awards and food aplenty.  You could also do this as an open house theme, or as a beginning of the year welcome theme.

Check out great Hollywood themed decorations for less at SproutClassrooms.com!

* Put curtains around your TV, creating a movie screen.

* Next to your lunch menu, put 'Coming to a Cafeteria Near You'.

* Title your newsletter 'Live from the Red Carpet of Mr./Mrs ____'s Room'.

* Take pictures of students wearing sunglasses and holding a clapboard with their name written on it.

* You can make a poster with the names of all your students, and title it the 'Cast List'.

* Create a movie marquee bulletin board, and put white letters on it saying 'Coming Attractions'.  Create movie posters of upcoming units for the year-great for open house.

* Check with your local Blockbuster or other video rental store.  They will often donate movie related items, such as candy and rental coupons, to schools.  They might give you a movie poster or two to hang in the room as well.

*Now Presenting...The Stars of Room __: Purchase Walk of Fame stars here.

*We're Developing a Great Class: Create a long filmstrip, and put a picture of each student in each film frame.

*And the Oscar goes to...: Student of the week board idea

*"Reely" Good Behavior Starts Here: Pass out tickets to students for good behavior-create prizes for each level of tickets students can collect.

Starbook- Students can create their own *Starbook* to introduce themselves to their classmates with this clever resource.  Denise Huebner, by way of Mrs. VanDyke's site.

Popcorn Pieces Clip Art- Great for a word wall, desk nametags, bulletin boards, etc.

Ideas from www.partycheap.com:
Create 'All Access' passes for parents if doing this as an open house theme.
       All Access Template
Use these cutouts on a bulletin board for easy pizazz.

Use Hollywood Invites to your classroom event.

Movie Posters- Create movie posters using pictures of your students.

Use popcorn tubs from your local movie theatre to hold supplies. (put on those false eyelashes and bat them peepers at the manager to get them free)

Other ideas include a 'Concessions' sign that can be hung by your lunch menu, a 'VIP Entrance' sign to hang over your door, gold foil stars that you can write students' names on, theatre marquee that you can write your name on and post on your entrance window, filmstrip border for bulletin boards, star garland to put on the edge of a bulletin board, cascades to hang from your ceiling and metallic table skirting which could be pretty sweet as a background in a bulletin board.

Even more ideas include a giant clapboard that you can write messages on, a personalized director's chair, plastic reusable popcorn boxes, red aisle runner, 'Hollywood' letters that you can put on a bulletin board (maybe above a hilltop, such as the real Hollywood sign), electric star lights, clapboard, clapboard picture frame,

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