You might wonder why homework is under Class Management, as it logically goes with Assessment.  I personally hate homework.  I hate thinking up nightly assignments, I hate grading them, I hate keeping track of which students have turned it in and which haven't, and I hate dealing with grumpy students and parents on both sides of the issue.  So for me, homework is purely an issue of management.

Here are some articles and organization suggestions to help you slog through all your homework issues.

Weekly Homework Note- This is a great template. Send it home at the beginning of the week to give parents a heads up on what is expected.  I'm not sure I could ever be that organized... but good luck to you!

Choose a Chart Instructions and Tracking Chart, courtesy of Mr. Moore

Choose a Chart Solution/Reflection sheet- I will be copying enough of these for the school year, binding them together and giving them to each student as their Choose a Chart notebooks.  There is a spot for solving problems, and a spot for reflection.  Each chart will have three problems on it, so the notebook will work for every chart.

Choose a Chart Weekly Dividers 2008-09- I'm going to use these to help students keep track of which week they are on in their notebook-I will put two double-sided Solution/Reflection sheets after each divider.  Dividers can be copied on colored paper for easier visual.  Also, you can cut the corners on the top right hand side after you grade each week, so students can flip to the current week easier.  If you do not have school on a particular day, you may want to write a note on that day's chart sheet, unless you want students to take home more than one chart the next night to make up for it.

Homework, I Love You- Poem to cheer students up

Homework Non-Completion Form- Ask students to fill this out and send home with a missing assignment notice.

Paper Drop- I LOVE this idea from Laura Candler.  This can be used for homework or other papers that need to be turned in by students (field trip forms, party donation slips, etc.).  I currently have a red basket that everything goes into, but this may be my new trick next year.  Class list template.

Homeworkopoloy- From teachernet.com.  For advice on implementation, check out Mrs. VanDyke's site, or Katie Jensen's site.   
Homeworkopoly-Small Version
(takes up less space)
Homeworkopoly-Blank Version (write in your own street names! PDF)
Homeworkopoloy-Blank Version (type in your own street names! Ppt.)