Writing Centers

Perhaps my proudest accomplishment in the classroom, aside from library, is our writing center.  My team teacher and I worked extremely hard last year to raise money for the supplies.  Our students held an economics fair and sold crayons they designed themselves, and took very good care of the materials because they had such an investment in them.  I highly encourage you to attempt the creation of this amazing classroom tool, and to involve the students in the creation.  They will take much better care of it that way.

Writing Center Ideas

Writing Center Supply List

Writing Center Supply Wish Tags- Cut these out and put them on apples at Open House or ornaments at the Holidays and ask parents to take a few with them.  Keep a basket in the back of your room to collect the donations.

Our Writing Center

Creating a Writing Center, by Beth Newingham

Miss Campioni has the great idea of writing story starters on popsickle sticks and keeping them in decorated cans labeled 'Character', 'Setting' and 'Plot'.  Keep these at your writing center to inspire students when they get a moment of writer's block.  You could even add non-fiction subjects for students to research if they don't want to engage in creative writing.  She also keeps a 'mailbox' at the center so students can write and send letters to each other.  Fantastic!
(this template works on Progresso Soup cans-a bit roomier for those sticks)

Nancy sent this awesome picture of her writing center in.  She purchased the organizer from Target, and labels each drawer for the items in it:
staplers, crayons, markers, red pens, green pens, blue pens, scissors and glue sticks. She also has the last 8 with stickers to use for "Sticker/stamp" stories