Multiple Intelligences

Multiple intelligences define my classroom, and I'm learning new ways to incorporate them into our learning the more I research what other teachers are doing.  Although you can spontaneously work them into your lesson, your students will benefit greatly if you have thought out how you will use them ahead of time.

At the beginning of the year, I spend an afternoon with the students to identify their natural intelligences.  I choose a survey to administer, and they do it the night before for homework.  That afternoon, we graph their answers on a bar graph, using a different color for each intelligence.  If they answer question one with a visual statement, they color in a blue square above 'visual' on their graph.  If they answer with a auditory statement, they color in a green square above 'auditory' on their graph, etc.  The color/ intelligence that has the most blocks filled in is their strength.  They can see where they fall with the other intelligences as well.  When their graph is complete, they design their name tag using the colors on the graph.  I ask them to write their name in the color that they have the most blocks for-this way I can quickly see who my different learners are (I am extremely visual).  They can then draw a border around their tag with the color that came in second on their graph.  With this information, I can group students by strength, or make sure each group has a proper representation of each strength.  It also reminds me to reinforce concepts using different strategies as I'm teaching (oh-Amy needs to hear me read the statement on the overhead out loud...).

I'm working on designing authentic assessment for each unit that will appeal to each intelligence.  My goal is to have a system where student can choose their own final assessment from a list and show me their learning in a way that is comfortable for them.  Of course, you have to temper that with the fact that we all need to stretch out of our comfort zone and use the intelligences that are not so natural for us as well.  Students will be encourage to choose their weakest intelligence at times throughout the year for a challenge.

It's a work in progress, and I'll keep posting resources and articles as I find them.  I'd like to tie the multiple intelligences in with the North Star theme, perhaps using the ideas in the story as we talk about our strengths and how they may different from other students'.  Perhaps using the clip art on the assessment lists, and using it as a theme for our morning meetings.  Again, I'll update as ideas solidify.

Adapting Instruction to Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences from Different Views- See how it works from both a student's and a teacher's perspective

Activities for the Multiple Intelligences- A list to inspire creativity in your lessons

Bloom's vs. Multiple Intelligences- How they correlate

Product List- A great tool for planning assessment-allow students to pick a form of expression off the list that caters to their intelligence.

English Ideas for the MI- Great for use in Language Arts.

Multiple Intelligences Key- A quick run-down of what each intelligence needs.

Multiple Intelligence Key from TRIBES- Straight out of their training material

Multiple Intelligences Chart

Smart Song- Great tune about all the intelligences

8 Kinds of Smart- Written by Laura Candler
       Chart    Sorting Sips

True Colors- A slightly different take on MI, but very fun for students.  I have students create a large piece of artwork using their strongest color as the main color, and their second color as the border.  Pictures

Ms. Powells' Website on Multiple Intelligences- Great ideas for MI centers

Surveys and Graphs

Multiple Intelligences Survey, Survey tool by Laura Candler
Multiple Intelligences Graph

Interest Inventory- A great survey tool for students
Interest Inventory Graph

Multiple Intelligence Survey- Another survey tool
Multiple Intelligence Survey Graph

How Are You Smart?- Yet another survey tool
How Are You Smart Graph

In the Classroom- Quiz from the book, including places for observation notes
In the Classroom Graph

All About Me- A survey for younger students, using pictures

Multiple Intelligence Checklist- Straight from the TRIBES book
Multiple Intelligence Checklist Graph (sorry for the weird marks-I had to white out my own answers)