Room Pictures

We all love to peek into other classrooms and see how they set up their reading center, or their math stations.  Check out the following websites for great ideas and inspiration!

Desk Arrangement- This is how I generally arrange my desk area, although the proportions are off.  There is lots of room for stacking papers, setting up organizational tools and decorations (a stuffed Kermit sits next to my printer at all times). 

Ms. Dunn's Room- Check out this slide show for some nice ideas on how to organize your classroom (I love the plastic drawers lined up under the writing center table).

Mrs. Camp's Room- Excellent camping theme.

Mrs. Pearson's Room- Beautiful and filled with teddy bears

Mrs. Bainbridge's Room- Fantastic 'old west' theme

Mr. Curry's Room- Neat road/city theme

Mrs. Diminie's Room- Beautiful pictures.  I believe she got the interlocking 'rug' at Sam's Club.

Ms. J's Room- She's got it together!
       More of Ms. J's Room

Setting Up A Classroom- Mandy Gregory's site with great pictures and advice.

Reading Corners- Amazing collection of beautiful, themed reading corners/libraries

Ms. Nanney's Room- Gorgeous.  I LOVE the big red board.

Mrs. Brown's Classroom- So so cute, with a great bee theme.  Check out her front door!  And I love the location board she ordered.  Fantastic!

Mrs. Usry's Classroom- Love the painted easel and bright colors all around.

Amy's Classroom- Great organization!  I love the emotions on the board.

Nichole's Room- One word: Gorgeous.  Check out the beautiful bulletin boards, the clean desk (!) and the Workshop Way setup. Second set of pictures

Mrs. Dicinson's Room- If Martha Stewart were a teacher... love the soothing colors.

Mrs. Finnegan's Classroom- Love the word wall and the clean, colorful bulletin boards.  Second set of pictures.

Mrs. Gould's Room- Beautiful organization (wouldn't you kill for these closets??)

Mrs. Finnegan's Classroom- Fantastically neat and well arranged.  I love the word wall and the library area.  The bulletin boards are perfect.  Second set of pictures.

Miss Colvin's Classroom- I LOVE the talk-o-meter (shaped like a taco).  The library is most excellent as well.

Mrs. Henk's Classroom- Gorgeous!  I love the dragon theme.