Beanie Baby Strategies

I absolutely love this idea.  Collect the following beanie babies from friends and garage sales, or visit Sprout for a great selection.  Create a bulletin board using the following posters, pass out the bookmarks and use the animal examples in your reading workshops.  I'm collecting several of each animal, so students can take the animals back to their reading area when they are practicing the strategy as a reminder of what needs to be done.  Love it!

The best place to find the beanies are at garage sales.  I picked up four this weekend for a quarter a piece.

Decoding Strategies Overview Poster
Decoding Strategies Posters
Decoding Strategies Bookmarks

Comprehension Strategies Posters

Box Labels- I picked up 14 small, stackable crates at Walmart the other day to store my beanies in.  Each crate holds about 5 beanies, and they were 97 cents each.
     Decoding Labels
     Comprehension Labels

Decoding Beanies                             Comprehension Beanies

Stretchy Snake                                                     Spinner the Spider
Chunky Monkey                                                    Questioning Owl
Helpful Kangaroo                                                  Rocky Raccoon
Lips the Fish                                                         Digger the Dog
Tryin' Lion                                                             Iggy the Inferring Iguana
Skippy the Frog                                                    Jabber the Reteller (Parrot)
Eagle Eye                                                             Fix-Up Bear

Stock up on reading strategy beanie babies at selection and prices!

'R' for reading, of course! ;)