Do It Yourself

If you're crafty like me, you probably loving finding furniture at garage sales/thrift stores and fixing it up for your classroom.  Take a look at the following articles for directions and advice.

Wingback Chairs- Recover garage sale finds with directions from this great article.  I'm going to try to score some free donations for my Hogwarts classroom library.

Pillows- Fastest way to make your room look cozy and comfortable, and super easy!  I'm sorry it's not in color, but this article has some great pillow hints.

Bookshelves- Make your own bookshelves and decide how high and wide each shelf should be!

Corner Shelf for Binders- Blow this template up at large as you would like your shelf base/top to be (Kinkos can help you with this).  Trace the template onto two pieces of wood, cut out with a jigsaw.  Simply nail boards for the sides, paint and decorate!