Word Walls

Word Wall by Color- Courtesy of teachingheart.net

No Excuse Word Wall-print this list of words out on transparencies to make it look like the words were printed directly onto the fabric.

Popcorn Template- Create a popcorn themed word wall with this document.

Interactive Word Wall Activities- Use these ideas to help students practice their words all week.

More Word Wall Activities- More ideas!

Word Wall Songs/Chants- Quick, fun ways to introduce words to students, and refer to them throughout the week.  Great for transitions.  Use these labels to stick them on index cards and randomly choose (or allow students to pull one from an index card box as a reward). Avery labels 5161

Frog letter plate- I got several large magnet sets from Vista Print in the following design, and plan on stamping/drawing the letters on each one.  If you want these on paper, just right click, save, import into Powerpoint and type letters over the top of them.

I used the frog magnets on this word wall:

Frog word plate- Our writing area will be called 'The Writing Pad' this year, so our words will be printed on this word plate.  Just right click, insert into powerpoint, and write your words over the top.  Print, cut and laminate!  I will be putting magnets on the back so we can move them around on the board.

Bee letter plate- See above.

Bee word plate- See above.

Want a more natural look for your classroom?  Use a brown kraft paper background (or a burlap fabric) with pastel letters.  Have students write their words on off-white sentence strips.  Take it one step future and color code your word sentence strips for parts of grammar-pink for nouns, yellow for verbs, blue for adverbs, etc.