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This year, my students will have a writing binder that houses their Writer's Notebook, and all Writer's Workshop handouts.  I'm hoping this will be their reference guide to all things writing related.  Feel free to use any resources that will work for you!

Binder Set-Up:
I'm using a black 1" binder for each student.  Inside will be 8 tabs, with the following labels:

     Word Choice
     Sentence Fluency

I figure everything we do to improve our writing will fit into one of the traits, and miscellaneous handouts can go behind 'Workshops'.  On the front of each tab sheet, I'm gluing the rubric that goes with that trait.  I will be using this rubric to grade any of their writing regarding that trait-it could be a science report and I'm grading for organization.  I ordered stamps from Vista Print with a 5 point rubric on them for each trait, so I can just stamp papers, circle the number and the students/parents can refer to the rubric for the meaning.

I will be putting a copy of the rubrics (copied front to back) in each students' communication binder.  Parents can reference it when papers are sent home with the rubric stamp.

The binders will also have a plastic folder in the back that I found at the Dollar Store.  It is clear with black polka dots.  One side will hold their writing notebook (a composition book they will gather ideas in), and the other side will hold their final draft as they work on it (so they don't have to punch holes in it).

Once I've made the binders, written 'Writing Binder' on the front, put numbers on the spine, put the tabs with rubrics in and placed the folder in the back, they will be given to the students, empty.  I do not want to give them resources they do not know how to use yet.  They will receive hand-outs in our writer's workshops to place in the binder, and that will fill it up quite quickly.  Then they will be familiar with information and know how to incorporate it into their writing.  I will post the hand-outs below as we add them.

In the front, I will add a sheet to keep track of writing conferences, and behind it (before the first tab) is where students will keep their draft writing.

So, to summarize:
Writing Conference Sheet
Voice tab with rubric
Word Choice tab with rubric
Ideas tab with rubric
Organization tab with rubric
Sentence Fluency tab with rubric
Conventions tab with rubric
Plastic folder for notebook and final drafts