Helpful Templates for Assessment

List of report card comments, both positive and critical

Positive Student Descriptions- Looking for the right word to lift a student and their parents up?  Take a look at this list and send out a feel-good postcard.

Positive descriptive words- Use these to brighten report cards and homework

101 Positive Phrases of Praise- Use these on assignments to bring a smile

Grading Conference Rubric- Conference with each child, showing them work collected from the grading period, and ask them where they think they fall on this rubric.  Most students actually underestimate their achievement.  This is a great discussion starter about work ethic and motivation.

Student Academic Self-Assessment Form- This is a great form to pass out before Report Cards.  Students can use this form to lead conferences with parents and talk about why they gave themselves the marks they did.  This was created by Bill Martin of Challenger Elementary, an old teaching colleague.

Student Behavior Self-Assessment Form- Another form that can be used to lead conferences and help students reflect on where they are and where they want to be in terms of behavior and self-discipline in the classroom.

Student Self-Assessment Form- General survey for students.

Whiteboards with Borders- I saw these being sold on an education website and thought I could make them pretty easily.  All you have to do is print them out onto heavy cardstock and then laminate them.  Staples makes color copies for under .50 each, and they can print on the heavy material.  Students can then pick one out for whiteboard activities.  If you make any of your own with nicer borders, send them over for posting.

Test Reminder Sign- Back with some colorful construction paper, laminate and put on your door when testing.

Positive Note Template- Fill these out and slip them into mailboxes, take-home folders or staple to assignments

Gradebook Programs
Gradebook Based on Averages
Gradebook Based on Percentages

Gradebook Based on Points
Gradebook for Multiple Subjects

Activity Sheet Maker Websites
Handwriting Activity Sheet Maker Website
Math Activity Sheet Maker Website
Math Activity Sheet Maker Website II
Random Activity Sheet Maker Website
Wordsearch Creater Website
Rubric Maker Website
Flashcard Maker Website

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