Reading Workshops

Check out the book sets, picture books and chapter books at Sprout for your reading workshop!

eading workshops are run much like writing workshops.  After gathering the class together (I like to use the floor for this), you introduce a strategy that will help them become stronger readers.  Only spend 10-15 minutes discussing the strategy before allowing students to go back to their reading projects and test it out.  They can read independently, with a buddy or in small groups with you.  There are many books out there that will go much more in depth about the process, but that is the general idea.  Look below for mini-lesson ideas and links to reading workshop pages by other teachers.

Student Led Book Clubs- Great step-by-step plans for teaching students how to discuss their reading.

Video of a Book Discussion- I've been thinking for years that students need to SEE other students discussing a book properly before they will understand how to do it themselves.  Show this to your students as a great model.

Thick or Thin Questions- Thick or thin questions is my absolute favorite resource for reading workshops and partner reading. Check out Beth Newingham's websiteon them. I've printed out her PDF and colored/laminated it for bulletin boards. I've also made sheets that only have one thick question repeated over and over and then copied that on a certain color paper, doing that with all the questions. Then I take one question/color of each, cut it out and put it on a book ring. These color coded rings are passed out to pairs or groups of readers to prompt discussions.

Cinderella Tales From Around the World- Perhaps you want to do a mini-lesson comparing the story of Cinderella from different countries. This list of books will help you get started. I'm sure there are many more-send in any titles you may have here.

Excellent Organizer Pack from Teaching that Makes Sense

Readers Workshop Outline and Suggestions

Angela Bunyi's Reading Workshop website

Beth Newingham's Reading Workshop Page